Hard Shampoo with SHOU WU

LUCIO hard shampoo with Shou Wu herbs promotes hair growth, protects hair from fading and gives shine and shine.

What is Shou Wu?

The plant itself is a species of vine. After picking the leaves, the roots and tubers are separated and combined with the other ingredients.

Shou Wu is a Chinese herb, and the name “He Shou Wu” means “Mr. He has black hair. It has been known since ancient times that this herb has a rejuvenating effect, so this herb in hard shampoo will help ensure vitality and healthy shine of your hair.

Laboratory tests have shown that Shou Wu and its compounds have biological activity. This shows that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-tumor effects, and it can be good for health and especially for our hair!

“In one week of use, I saw a clear improvement in my health. My symptoms have decreased, my nights are more peaceful, and I feel more energetic. This patch has changed my life!”

What hair type is this Shou Wu Hard Shampoo suitable for?

Suitable for all hair types. Particularly suitable for gray, damaged and tired hair.

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